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Looking for heating or air conditioning services in Abington Township? You’ve come to the right place. Philadelphia Gas & Electric Heating & Air Conditioning (PGE) has been a trusted HVAC contractor since 1955!

As one of Montgomery County’s oldest townships, Abington Township has a deep historical tradition. We’re a company that can relate to these deep community roots. We’re a local third-generation family-owned company. We’ve served over 20,000 homeowners and earned a reputation of honesty, integrity, and trust.

Here are three links you can explore to find out more about our company. Or keep reading this page for in-depth details about why homeowners like you choose us.

    • Our Story: See how we got our start all the way back in the 1950s. Find Out More…
    • Why Us: Here’s a quick snapshot of why we’re the HVAC company you can trust. Find Out More…
    • Reputation: Don’t just take our word that we treat you right. See what our customers say. Find Out More…


Why Choose Philadelphia Gas & Electric Heating & Air Conditioning

Our mission is to solve your heating or cooling issue RIGHT and for a fair price. Check out the links below for details on how we achieve this.

Certified Technicians:

All PGE techs are factory-certified and have a minimum of 15 years at our company. Plus, they’re just plain polite and friendly!

Science-Based Solutions:

We don’t do half-hearted guesstimates. And we don’t try to sell you the most expensive system. We utilize genuine science to determine the CORRECT solution.

Superior Prices:

Because we’re an independent company, we can offer prices up to 40% lower than the big, corporate heating and cooling companies. We’re not the cheapest—just the best VALUE.

Zero Pressure:

No sales pitches here. We’re straight shooters who provide the information you need to make the best decision. It’s that simple.

PGE Rewards:

Experience true peace of mind when you’re a PGE Rewards member. You receive annual maintenance, discounted pricing, and “fast-pass” service.


Get the heating or A/C system you need for easy monthly payments when you choose our financing.

Our Heating, Air Conditioning & Indoor Air Quality Services


Heater Repair:

We pinpoint the precise issue with your heater to develop the proper solution—all for a fair price.

Heater Maintenance:

Our heating maintenance service extends the lifespan, efficiency, and performance of your existing heater.

Heater Installation:

We are a factory-authorized Bryant® dealer. Bryant has been making top-of-the-line products for well over 100 years!

Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning Repair:

We’ll get your home cool and comfortable again with quick, precise, affordable A/C repair.

Air Conditioning Maintenance:

Increase your A/C’s energy efficiency, performance, and longevity with our comprehensive A/C maintenance.

Air Conditioning Installation:

A factory-authorized Bryant® dealer, we install first-rate A/C systems using manufacturer-certified workmanship.

Indoor Air Quality

Indoor Air Quality:

Improve the health of your home with our premium indoor air quality solutions.

5 Questions To Ask A Heating & Air Conditioning Company

#1: How Are Your Technicians Qualified To Handle My Issue?
  • Why Ask This: Experience matters in the heating and air conditioning industry. A veteran technician will be able to provide superior service and results compared to an inexperienced technician.
  • The PGE Answer: We have possibly the most experienced heating and A/C technicians in Abington Township. All PGE techs have been at our company for at least 15 years. In addition, they are factory-trained and -authorized by our dealer, Bryant Heating And Cooling.
#2: What Are Your Prices?
  • Why Ask This: You don’t want to get ripped off! Ask any HVAC company not only what their prices are, but why they are what they are. The truth is that the giant corporate companies tend to charge high prices to cover their overhead. You shouldn’t have to pay extra because a company has to cover its exorbitant expenses.
  • The PGE Answer: We’re not necessarily the cheapest. But we can offer you prices up to 40% lower than corporate HVAC companies. Not only that, but our quality is actually superior!
#3: Will You Pressure Me During The Appointment?
  • Why Ask This: Some companies will pressure you to buy a new system—even if you don’t need a new system. They come to your home with one goal: to get you to spend as much as possible.
  • The PGE Answer: Sales pressure isn’t our style. We prefer to educate rather than twist arms. For proof of this, read some of our customer reviews. You’ll see we’re the kind of company that specializes in all facts, no fluff.
#4: Will You Show Me The Details Of Your Findings?
  • Why Ask This: The best way to know you’re getting a fair price on good work is to ask the company to review their inspection results. Have them explain things in detail so you understand exactly what they found and exactly how they intend to resolve the issue.
  • The PGE Answer: You don’t have to ask! We always show our customers precisely what we uncover—and precisely what we’ll do to solve the problem. We welcome any and all questions you have because we want you to be as informed as possible.
#5: How Long Have You Been In Business?
  • Why Ask This: Many companies in the heating and A/C industry close within the first five years in business. Any and all warranties you had will go away with them.
  • The PGE Answer: We’ve been in business for over 65 years, which makes us a company you can truly rely on. We’re always a phone call away… and we always will be.

What Our Customers Say

“Great company to deal with. A central office member books your appointment and folks come out exactly as scheduled! Very courteous and prompt service. I won’t hesitate to use them every year for my A/C and heater tune-ups!”

Pamela S.

“The people working on this job were incredibly professional. They gave extensive guidance and information leading up to the work, and the work they did looks outstanding and well done. Highly recommended.”

Jordan R.

Contact Us Today For Heater Or Air Conditioning Service In Abington Township

Get ahold of us today for heating or A/C service you can count on. We would be honored to visit your home and provide you with the information you need to make the best decision.

The PGE Difference

Certified Technicians:

Our factory-trained techs are passionate, personable, and have 15+ years at our company.

Scientific Solutions:

We take a science-based approach to your HVAC issue to ensure we solve the problem RIGHT.

Better Prices:

As a locally owned business, we can offer you up to 40% lower prices than “mega” HVAC corporations.

No Sales Pressure:

Arm-twisting and sales tricks are forbidden. We’re all about customer education.

PGE Rewards:

Our membership program provides you with exclusive discounts, perks, and priority service.