Certified Techs

Philadelphia Gas & Electric Truck

The Most Qualified Heating & A/C Technicians
In Philadelphia & Its Suburbs—Period

Factory Authorized. NATE Certified. OSHA Certified.
All With At Least 15 Years Of Experience At Our Company.
Extensively Trained

Our heating and A/C technicians are trained to the highest workmanship and safety standards.

Unrivaled Experience

Every PGE service technician has been with our company for a minimum of 15 years.

Polite & Courteous

Our techs are friendly, respectful, and considerate. They make your experience pleasant!

Problem Solvers—Not Salespeople

Our techs NEVER pressure you. They determine the best solution for your needs and budget. 

Extensively Trained

The #1 reason HVAC repair and replacement goes wrong? Untrained, underqualified technicians. If your technician doesn’t have the proper training, it can lead to poor results AND unsafe working conditions.

At Philadelphia Gas & Electric Heating & Air Conditioning (PGE), we train our technicians to the fullest extent. You can rest easy knowing your PGE technicians are officially certified in the top workmanship and safety standards. Relax—we’ve got this!

  • Factory-Authorized: PGE technicians are factory authorized to guarantee 100% correct installation.
  • OSHA Certified: We’re certified by the Occupational Safety & Health Administration. We use the proper safety procedures in your home!
  • NATE Certified: Only the top HVAC companies have the skill and knowledge for North American Technician Excellence certification.

Unrivaled Experience

There are many ways your heater and air conditioner can malfunction. Inexperienced technicians often lack the knowledge to diagnose the issue properly. As a result, it may take them multiple repairs to fix your issue.

We’re the “Do It Once, Do It Right” heating and A/C contractor for Philadelphia and its suburbs. All PGE technicians have at least 15 years of service experience with our company! They’ve done it all, seen it all, and fixed it all.

  • Veteran Technicians: All PGE techs have 15 years of experience at… minimum.
  • Always Learning: Our techs consistently undergo training, regardless of experience level.
  • The “Team Captain”: Our team of technicians is led by an owner who is a 35-year industry veteran.

Polite & Courteous

Nothing is more uncomfortable than having an unpleasant technician working in your home. That’s why you want your HVAC technicians to be more than trained and experienced… you want them to be nice people.

Our technicians are exactly that. They are genuinely passionate about helping homeowners like you—and providing a great experience in the process. You can expect techs who are polite, respectful, approachable, and just plain friendly.

  • Respectful: Our techs show up on time, clean up their messes, and show you RESPECT.
  • Cordial: We’re polite, courteous, and considerate. We provide you with a stress-free experience.
  • Approachable: Our technicians are “people” people. You’ll feel 100% comfortable approaching them with questions.

Problem Solvers—Not Salespeople

Some HVAC companies (i.e., the big corporate ones) make their techs undergo high-pressure sales training. They’re taught to push you into replacing your system, regardless of whether repairs would solve your problem.

Our technicians are different. 

They look for the solution that’s right and cost effective. Our techs exhaust every angle to look for a way to get your current system running at peak condition again. The only time we recommend a new system? If you want or need a new system.

  • Our Techs Aren’t Salespeople: We solve your problem rather than twist your arm.
  • Refreshing Honesty: Our techs provide you with the facts you need to make the best decision. No fluff.
  • “Repair” Is Our Default Option: Before we even consider replacement, our techs look at all possible repair options first.

What Our Customers Say About Our Technicians

“Technicians Scott and Luke did very nice work on the installation and answered any questions we had. They showed up on time and called to let us know they were on their way. [They] went out of their way to make sure we were satisfied and had everything we needed.”

Steve B.

“Luke is great. Very professional and always points out tips and tricks for us to get the best performance from our A/C and heater.”

Gregg P.

“The people working on this job were incredibly professional. They gave extensive guidance and information leading up to the work, and the work they did looks outstanding and well done. Highly recommended.”

Jordan R.

The PGE Difference

Our factory-trained techs are passionate, personable, and have 15+ years at our company.

We take a science-based approach to your HVAC issue to ensure we solve the problem RIGHT.

As a locally owned business, we can offer you up to 40% lower prices than “mega” HVAC corporations.

Arm-twisting and sales tricks are forbidden. We’re all about customer education.

Our membership program provides you with exclusive discounts, perks, and priority service.

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