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Join PGE Rewards To Keep Your A/C And Heater Operating At Peak Performance

Membership Has Its Rewards.
Annual Maintenance

Receive yearly tune-ups for both your air conditioning and heating system.

Members-Only Prices

Enjoy deep discounts on all of our air conditioning and heating services.

“Fast-Pass” Priority

Skip to the “front of the line” with member-priority response times.

Referral Rewards

Refer family and friends, and you earn special loyalty rewards.

Why Become A PGE Rewards Member?

Just like your car, your HVAC system needs regular maintenance to operate at peak performance. But let’s face it—how often do you actually think about your A/C or heater?

If you’re like most homeowners, the answer is “not until there’s a problem.” And by then, it’s typically too late. If the issue is big enough to be noticeable, you’re almost certainly going to need COSTLY repairs or replacement. 

When you’re a PGE Rewards member, you won’t have to worry.  We provide yearly maintenance for both your A/C and heater to prevent problems and keep your systems in top shape.

Like clockwork, we’ll come to your home and service each system annually. This keeps them running at peak performance, which provides YOU with several benefits:

  • Greater Efficiency: Save money on energy bills.
  • Extended Lifespan: Prevent costly repairs and replacement.
  • Enhanced Comfort: Experience increased in-home comfort.

Membership Has Its Rewards

In addition to annual A/C and heater maintenance, PGE Rewards members receive the following…
  • Exclusive Member Pricing: You receive exclusive discounts on any service call you make between your annual tune-ups.
  • “VIP” Treatment: As a PGE Rewards member, you’re guaranteed a 24-hour repair response time.
  • Referral Bonuses: You get special bonuses when you refer someone who chooses our services.
  • Transferable Membership: Should you move, you can either transfer your plan to your new home or to the new owner of your old home.

Bottom line: When you join PGE Rewards, you get the lowest possible prices and 100% peace of mind.

What Our “No-Stone-Unturned” Maintenance Includes

When we provide our annual maintenance, we’re utterly meticulous to ensure EVERYTHING is running properly.

Here is what we inspect, clean, and/or tune-up during your maintenance service:

  • Condenser coil
  • Safety controls
  • Airflow
  • Oil circulator/blower
  • Pilot and burners
  • Operating pressures
  • Filters
  • Condensate drain
  • Thermostat
  • Voltage and amps
  • Starting/cycling functionality
  • Drafts and flue
  • Electrical connections
  • Heat exchanger
  • Delta temperature

Total Peace Of Mind Is Just $19 A Month

When it comes to your heating and air conditioning, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure… and a lot of money.

Including parts and labor, the average HVAC repair in the Philadelphia area can easily run $400 to $1,000+. And replacing your system can cost thousands

But PGE Rewards is just $19 a month (62 cents per day!). It’s a zero-risk, high-reward program that pays for itself over and over again.

Contact us today to become a PGE Rewards member like hundreds of homeowners throughout Philadelphia and its suburbs. We would be honored to speak with you.

What Our Customers Say About Our Prices

“When I moved and left my place for renters, I refused my new management company’s heating company and continued to have [PGE] service my unit yearly. They would accommodate my travel schedule so that I could be there when he came to do the maintenance. I cannot speak more highly of Mike and Mindy.”


“Philadelphia Gas & Electric Heating & A/C is the best. I’ve been doing business with them for more than 25 years. They deliver wonderful service in a timely manner for a reasonable price. I highly recommend them.”

-Robert K.

“Mike Toran did a seasonal check and maintenance on my A/C. He was very thorough and gave me lots of good advice.”

-Mark T.

“Excellent service. With our routine checks, our heating and A/C run very efficiently.”

-Eileen P.

The PGE Difference

Our factory-trained techs are passionate, personable, and have 15+ years at our company.

We take a science-based approach to your HVAC issue to ensure we solve the problem RIGHT.

As a locally owned business, we can offer you up to 40% lower prices than “mega” HVAC corporations.

Arm-twisting and sales tricks are forbidden. We’re all about customer education.

Our membership program provides you with exclusive discounts, perks, and priority service.

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