How HVAC Companies Use Repair Calls As A “Trojan Horse” For A Sales Pitch

September 13, 2021

Why Some Companies Push You To Buy A New System…
Even If You Don’t Need One.

Did you know that some Philadelphia-area heating and A/C companies make their technicians take sales training? Yes, sales training—the kind that teaches compliance tricks, pricing games, high pressure, and all that other stuff homeowners can’t stand.

Why do companies make their techs go through sales training? So they can pressure you into buying a new HVAC system… even if you don’t need one and repairs will suffice.

This is what we at PGE call the “Trojan Horse” sales pitch. You call an HVAC company for heater repairs or air conditioning repairs. They say they’ll come to take a look at your system to determine what’s best. But—unbeknownst to you—their only goal during the appointment is to persuade you to buy a new system.

In this article, we show you how to spot this “Trojan Horse” when it arrives at your home.

</h2 style=”color:#dd3333;”>An Example Using Car Repairs

Let’s say you take your five-year-old car to your dealership for brake repairs. You wait in the lobby and sip day-old coffee while your car gets worked on.

An hour later, the dealership manager comes in. You expect he’s going to tell you how much it will cost to fix your brakes.

But he doesn’t. He tells you that you need a new car.

You see, they performed a “courtesy inspection” while they were fixing the brakes. It turns out that your transmission is shot, your engine is bad, your struts are blown, and your shocks are toast. In other words, your car is beyond repair.

Since they’re the “experts,” you take the manager at his word. The manager then launches into a sales pitch for a new car.

Here’s what the dealership didn’t tell you when you scheduled your repair: This sales pitch was their plan all along.

Now Here’s How It Works With Heating & A/C Service

When it comes to car repairs, this scenario might seem unrealistic. After all, when’s the last time you took your car in for a tune-up and been subjected to a surprise sales pitch?

But this is an easy way to understand how the “Trojan Horse” sales pitch works in the HVAC industry. It works extremely well in this industry because homeowners just don’t know a lot about HVAC.

And here’s the thing: The HVAC company won’t just come in and start badgering you to buy a new system. First, they earn your trust. Once they have that, THEN they launch into the sales pitch.

hvac company sales pitch

Here is typically what happens…

The technician inspects your system. During the inspection, the tech approaches you multiple times and says, “Mr./Ms. Johnson, come here and take a look at what I found.” The tech shows you different issues they have discovered with your system.

This tactic makes you believe the tech is being thorough and transparent. After all, they are showing you the work they’re doing.

But in reality, they’re just priming you for the Big Pitch.

After they show you X number of problems, you’re primed to believe that there is a lot wrong with your HVAC system. You think, “There sure are a lot of problems with my system. I can see why it needs to be replaced!”

Hook. Line. Sinker.

Three Ways To Topple The “Trojan Horse” Sales Pitch

Why do HVAC companies pressure you to buy a new system, even if you don’t need one? It’s simple—replacement is more profitable for them than repairs. If they can convince you to spend $4,000 on a new system instead of $500 on repairs, they make 700% more off of you.

To make replacement even more attractive, some companies inflate their repair prices. They might charge $1,000+ for repairs that should only cost a few hundred. That’s when they say, “For that much money, you’re better off spending a little more to get a brand-new system.”

Fortunately, there are a few ways to stop the Trojan Horse from invading your home.

The first is to do your due diligence on a company before you call. Inspect an HVAC company’s reputation . Read their online reviews. One of the best ways to know if you can trust a company is by listening to what past customers say about them.

The second thing is to get multiple professional opinions. This is especially the case if a contractor red-tags your HVAC system.

Many companies in this industry are quick to condemn equipment—it’s an easy way to force you to make a decision on the spot. The only reason to trust the company’s decision is if you thoroughly vetted their reputation before calling them.

HVAC Service… Without The “Trojan Horse”

At Philadelphia Gas & Electric, honesty isn’t the best policy. It’s the ONLY policy.

We’ve been “straight-shooters” since we opened in 1955. When you call us, you get fluff-free solutions… without the sales pressure. If repairs are what it takes to get your HVAC system working right again, repairs are what we do. No upsells. No arm-twisting. No “Trojan Horses.”

Reach out to schedule your HVAC service today. We would be honored to hear from you.