Science-Based Solutions

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We Solve Your Heating Or A/C Problem RIGHT
With Our Science-Based Solutions

In-Depth, Scientific Analysis Is The ONLY Way
To Diagnose Your Issue Properly.
No “Guesstimating”

Using scientific principles and special technology, we pinpoint the precise issue—and develop the CORRECT solution.

Hard Data

From Combustion Analyses to Heat Load Calculations, we utilize a variety of tests to acquire 100% accurate data.

Personal Needs Assessment

Every home’s heating and cooling needs are different. We take the time to determine what’s best for YOU.

No “Guesstimating”

When it comes to heating and A/C, there is no “one-size-fits-all” system—every home has different needs.

If your system is too big, it won’t run efficiently. If it’s too small, it won’t provide you with adequate heating/cooling.

At Philadelphia Gas & Electric Heating & Air Conditioning (PGE), we use science and cutting-edge technology to determine the exact right HVAC system for your home. 

We don’t guesstimate or “eyeball things.” And we don’t automatically try to sell you the most expensive system. We take the time to perform a comprehensive scientific analysis that leaves nothing to chance.

Hard Data Is Our Specialty

So, what’s scientific about our process? Here are a few examples…
  • We Go “By The Book”: We measure your home, HVAC sizing, air distribution, duct design, and more according to official ACCA (Air Conditioning Contractors Of America) standards outlined in Technical Manuals D, T, S, and J.
  • Combustion Analysis: This tests your furnace to ensure it’s working safely and properly. It measures O2, CO, CO2, draft, pressure, ambient temperature, stack temperature, and more.
  • Heat Load Calculation: This is an in-depth analysis used to calculate the optimal-sized system for your home. 

By using these and other scientific concepts, we acquire the data we need to determine the right solution for YOU.

Heat Load Calculation

“Heat load” is the amount of heating and cooling your home needs to be a comfortable temperature. Our Heat Load Calculation* determines this by assessing the following:
  • Home Size Calculation: Calculating your home’s square footage helps narrow down the size of the HVAC system you need.
  • Roof & Attic Assessment: We assess the condition of your roof, the amount of insulation in the attic… and even the color of your shingles! (Black roofs absorb heat, which can affect your A/C needs.)
  • Interior & Exterior Wall Evaluation: We examine both your interior and exterior walls. We assess aspects such as insulation on the interior and loose siding/bricks on the exterior. Essentially, any and all potential spots could leak air.
  • Windows & Doors Inspection: The number, size, type, and air-infiltration rate of your windows and doors are all relevant to your heating/cooling needs.
  • Returns & Ducts Analysis: These must match the size of your HVAC system accordingly. Otherwise, your HVAC system will provide subpar performance and efficiency.

After we perform our Heat Load Calculation, we review our findings with you. We explain everything in detail and answer any questions you have. Our aim is to educate!

*Note: Our Heat Load Calculations are optional. Due to the time and labor involved, Heat Load Calculations are $450. This amount is deducted from your bill should you invest in a new HVAC system from us.

Needs Assessment (The “Personal” Element)

When determining your heating and cool needs, science is critical. But at the end of the day, it comes down to what you want.

That’s why we perform a one-on-one Personal Needs Assessment during your appointment. We ask you pertinent questions to gain insight into…

  • How you feel about your current heating and cooling experience
  • What you hope your new system will accomplish
  • How we can provide your perfect solution within your budget (along with possible financing options)

At PGE, it’s not about selling you the biggest, most expensive system. It’s about matching you to the right system for your needs, your wants, and your budget.

The PGE Difference

Our factory-trained techs are passionate, personable, and have 15+ years at our company.

We take a science-based approach to your HVAC issue to ensure we solve the problem RIGHT.

As a locally owned business, we can offer you up to 40% lower prices than “mega” HVAC corporations.

Arm-twisting and sales tricks are forbidden. We’re all about customer education.

Our membership program provides you with exclusive discounts, perks, and priority service.

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