Tips For Controlling HVAC Costs You Didn’t Know About

Did you know you could avoid unnecessary energy expenses by controlling HVAC costs? Here are four ways to do that, which your local technician may have not told you about.

Have more Control on Outside Air

By controlling the amount of air coming into the HVAC from outside, you can reduce the cooling by a great margin. Some rooms have better air circulation but those with less air quality and control are then ones to focus on. If the HVAC has a VAV control point, you should capitalize on it to reduce the cool loads. Alternatively, just reduce the air flow to the lowest point it can go, and you will be surprised at how much energy savings you get from that.

Source Fresh Cold Air than Recycling

Instead of recycling the existing air inside, why not source more outside air and win some free cooling? Most modern day HVAC systems are designed with an economizing cycle mechanism that detects the coolest of air and direct this into the room. In most cases, outside air is colder and thus the HVAC system will use less energy in cooling an entire room.

Don’t Over Condition Air

Additionally, avoid over conditioning air coming from the outside as this will overwork your HVAC system as well. Keep track of HVAC humidity settings ensuring the calibrations are lower during cold winters and way higher during hot summers. If you are just testing the HVAC, say for a day, you can switch off the humidification. You may be surprised that nobody notices anything.

Replace Your Thermostats

Conventional thermostats work fine but they don’t go the extra mile like the programmable units. This new digital thermostats give you more control over your HVAC system allowing you to set standard temperature either at home or at the office. Setting wider temperature variations, promotes less energy use on your cooling or heating device.

It’s possible to earn energy savings while still enjoying your heating and cooling systems just by making these four changes. Follow our blog today for tips on controlling HVAC costs whilst your HVAC runs efficiently.


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