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Safety and health in the home is a concern for every homeowner, and many things need to be considered to make your home as safe and healthy an environment for you and your family that is possible. Smoke detectors, deadbolts, and alarm systems are necessary to prevent many concerns, but another issue you should concern yourself with is the Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) of your home.

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Indoor Air Quality is exactly that, it is a general assessment of the overall quality of the air that is circulating through your home. The quality of this air should remain at healthy levels and not contain toxins or other impurities that may be harmful to the health of those breathing it in. Changing filters regularly in your HVAC heating or cooling system is a good way to maintain good air quality in the home, but if the quality of the air is poor to begin with, the filters are not helping the air to get much cleaner.

We take IAQ and a healthy indoor atmosphere very seriously. Philadelphia winters can be quite brutal, leading many area residents spending more and more time indoors when the temperatures drop. We strive to ensure that all of our customers are breathing clean, healthy air while indoors for extended periods of time. Improving your IAQ starts with Indoor Air Quality Testing and Assessment to adequately gauge the overall quality of your air; this assessment includes testing for:

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Once we have assessed the IAQ situation in your home, we begin to improve the air quality in your home, ensuring that all components of your home ventilation system are sealed and clean to start off with nearly 100% pure clean air. From there-on, maintaining that higher level of IAQ is necessary through continued maintenance and testing. If IAQ problems are caused by the environment – for example: you live right next to a coal-burning plant or smelter – you might have to take a more proactive approach to continually scrubbing and cleaning your indoor air; this can be done with our range of Indoor Air Quality Products Including:

To protect your home and all those living inside of it, and for a much more comfortable setting, our indoor air quality services will heighten the overall efficiency of your home HVAC system and fill your lungs with clean, pure and healthy air. Call us today for IAQ Testing and Products: 215.743.0050 Philadelphia, PA.


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