Reduce Home Heating Costs This Winter

This article shares information on some of the most effective ways to reduce home heating costs.


Types of Heating Fuel

Some of the most common fuel types include electricity, propane and oil. With the constant price flux, it would be wise to choose a fuel type that saves you money on energy cost. According to research, average households in the U.S. spent around $600 on energy cost last winter when using oil as fuel for their heating system. If the same households were using propane or electricity, they would have spent around $1500 and $1700 respectively. If your home or business still uses an older heating and cooling system, then you’d be better off switching to a more energy efficient model.


Cleaning Your Ductwork

Accumulation of mold, dust and vermin inside your ducts is likely to raise your heating cost. By hiring a professional, your ducts can be fixed of leaks and cleaned to ensure they operate more efficiently. Traditional methods of sealing ducts included the use of mastics and ducts. However, a newer technology known as aerosealing has proven more effective when it comes to sealing ducts of leaks.


How Often Should You Service your Heating System?

Having a professional service your heating system at least once a year is highly recommended by experts. To ensure proper servicing is done on your unit, it would be wise to go for a contractor that has received proper training and possesses North American Technician Excellence certification. The cost of servicing your unit may range between $100 and $400 depending on various factors. You are also advised to change your filters every now and then, especially if you are using a forced-air system during the winter season.


Do You Have Enough Insulation?

Laying proper insulation on your attic and floor can save you a lot of money and trouble. When warm air is lost through plumbing vents and electric boxes, then your heating bill is likely to go up. You may also experience stack-effect which usually leads to drafty rooms. Follow us for more articles that keep your HVAC system running efficiently and saving you money.


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