The New Face Of PGE Heating And Air Conditioning Website

A home should be a place of comfort after a long day outside while a website should be a source of information after long fruitless hours of searching. It is for that reason that we have decided to expand our website and add more features to suit the varying demands of our clients as far as the supply of HVAC

Are Changes In HVAC Efficiency Standards Going To Change Soon?

Many people have heard about the proposed changes in the HVAC efficiency standards that the Department of Energy had worked to establish back in 2009. Unfortunately, while higher HVAC efficiency is something that many people want, the expected raise in AFUE from 78 to 90 required far more than many people were able to handle and a court order delayed

What Does NATE Certified Mean And How Can It Protect My Equipment?

Many times, people need a HVAC technician for installation or repairs of their HVAC equipment, but they are not sure how to choose one that will be able to provide the best results. When you look for HVAC contractors, some advertise that they have NATE certified technicians; however, if you’re asking — what is NATE certification? It’s time to learn

Tips For Building A Summer Energy Savings Plan

The costs of the energy needed to run air conditioning systems in homes raises the costs of home electric bills in the summer months by a significant amount. It is worthwhile for all homeowners to develop a Summer Energy Savings Plan tailored to the specific needs of his or her home and family. The ideas and tips that will work

Troubleshooting Your Air Conditioning Unit When It Is Not Working

When your central air conditioning system stops working, you may wonder about the source of the problem. There are any number of reasons that your air conditioner is not working, and performing basic troubleshooting will get you to the root of the problem so you can get it fixed quickly. The Air Conditioner Won’t Come On When your air conditioner

Climate Change Disrupts Classrooms Across The Midwest

For teachers, getting a classroom of simultaneously hyperactive and drowsy children to remain alert and interested is a monumental task on an average day. Keeping them attentive while sweating indoors without air-conditioning is a feat that’s virtually impossible for the best teachers and even the most prodigal students. That’s why schools across the midwest are having to shut down classrooms

How To Choose The Best Air Conditioning Repair Company

When you need an air conditioning repair or air conditioning replacement in Philadelphia, it’s best to take some time to research AC repair service providers instead of just choosing one out of the phone book and trusting they’re a good company to deal with. But, how do you pick a reliable air conditioning installation and repair company? Here are some

What is a commercial ac system and how is it different?

What is a commercial ac system and how is it different? When it comes to residential and commercial air conditioning systems there are some major differences. You will find that your residential system is much smaller than a commercial unit. Check out what a commercial AC system does and how it might be different than what you are used to.