Split HVAC systems

These are systems include heat pumps for heating and cooling or an air conditioner with two components. Usually, one part of the system is placed inside the home, and one part is placed outside the home. The interior component includes an evaporator coil that is attached to the furnace or a fan coil.  This helps circulate the air throughout the home. The exterior component is referred to as the condenser coil.

Energy Efficient Furnaces

Our Bryant products are extremely energy efficient. Our Evolution System provides the ultimate energy savings potential and comfort management. The Legacy Line and Preferred Series are more affordable options but still provide energy efficiency. When you select a unit, it is important to compare energy ratings. These Bryant units have high SEER and HSPF ratings. This means they will save energy and cut down on monthly utility bills.

Split systems are quite common in residential households.  Older systems may not be functioning properly and are likely wasting a great deal of energy. The best way to remedy the problem is to upgrade to a better Bryant product. This brand leads the industry in quality and durability. Although the initial cost may be a bit more than other brands, the energy savings will quickly accumulate and surpass the initial investment.

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