Reduce Home Heating Costs This Winter

This article shares information on some of the most effective ways to reduce home heating costs.   Types of Heating Fuel Some of the most common fuel types include electricity, propane and oil. With the constant price flux, it would be wise to choose a fuel type that saves you money on energy cost. According to research, average households in

What It Means To Be A Bryant Factory Authorized Dealer

The Bryant Factory authorized dealers award is given to a select group of dealers who’ve met some rigorous performance standards. This exclusive clique is comprised of less than 5% of HVAC contractors nationwide. Such dealers adhere to high customer care standards and provide leadership in the sector. The award also allows them to display the Medal of Excellence logo.  

Should I Be Concerned About Carbon Monoxide?

Carbon monoxide dangers are greater than you might think – every year, this odorless and colorless gas kills over 500 people in the US alone, with up to 30,0000 others sick from the fumes. Many people are affected in their homes, and if you have drywall in your house, you are at even more of a risk, as the Journal

Surge Protectors And HVAC: What You Need To Know

Modern electrical devices come with printed circuit boards which makes them more vulnerable to power surges. As technology advances, more devices are becoming more energy efficient and come with a longer lifespan. However, in order for your device to serve you for an extended period of time, you’ll need to perform regular maintenance checks and protect them from power surges.

Tips For Preventing Carbon Monoxide Poisoning In Your Home

Carbon monoxide is a colorless, odorless gas which causes potentially deadly poisoning. It’s normally produced when fuel is burnt. This means that any appliance that burns fuel within the house is a potential source of this gas. Carbon monoxide poisoning results when one inhales so much of this gas that it replaces oxygen in the bloodstream. Sources of Carbon Monoxide

Should I Leave Interior Doors Open Or Closed During Heating And Cooling?

Many people think that they can simply shut the doors to their bedrooms, laundry room, home office and other interior rooms and they’ll be able to save a little money on heating and cooling bills. Unfortunately, while this practice is fairly common, the homeowner is setting in motion an inefficient and, even, dangerous situation. Today’s HVAC systems move a great

Four Different Air Conditioner Types

There are many air conditioner types and they are known under various names. So the average buyer does not get flustered by all those different names (some of them technical), here is a short description of the main air conditioner types used today. The two most common air conditioner types are known as unitary conditioners and PTAC or Packaged Terminal

5 Home Cooling Myths

When the temperature soars, people often go hunting for air conditioners and other ways to keep their home cool and comfortable. The following are the top 5 home cooling myths that you should be aware of: #1: Fans Can Help Cool Down a Room Fans do not cool down the room, instead it cools down your body by moving air

Purchasing A Heat Pump Versus A Furnace For Your Home

Deciding between a heat pump and a furnace for your home’s heating needs can be complicated. There are several factors you should consider before making a decision. First consider your needs. Then consider the costs of the unit and energy prices, the unit’s efficiency and the unit’s safety. You will also need an air conditioner if you buy a furnace,

How To Replace A Water Heater

Determining when to replace a water heater is a fairly straightforward process, and a few preliminary checks can help you determine if your heater requires total replacement or merely some minor repairs. Water heaters can in two different types, and the process of troubleshooting each one is somewhat different. Gas vs. Electric Heaters The type of water heating unit you



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