Money-Saving Multizone HVAC Systems

Central air has been a huge improvement in comfort over how we used to do things. No longer do we all huddle around the fireplace, wood stove, or coal-burning stove for warmth. We can heat and cool our homes efficiently, much more safely, and with out all the labor of chopping wood or shoveling coal.

But central air isn’t without its drawbacks. Not all systems are created equal and depending on the setup of your home, you could be spending much more than you need to on heating and cooling.

So what options do you have?

Multizone HVAC Systems

New advancements in heat pump technology have made managing individual zones within your home affordable and extraordinarily efficient. Some ductless heat pump systems can reach over 300% efficiency ratings in the right configuration! And for all you allergy sufferers ductless systems can drastically reduce airborne allergens and make your time at home much more comfortable.

The high efficiency of a ductless system can be combined with a multizone setup to maximize savings and the size of your pocketbook. A typical multizone setup with have a heat pump (Think wall-mounted AC unit) installed in every room and a thermostat in those same rooms. This allows you to set each individual zone with custom temperatures and run times. Whether setting individual rooms or whole floors, you can fine-tune the system to provide heating and cooling where you need it when you need it.

For example, during the night time you can shut off cooling or heating to the parts of the house you’re not using, and focus on keeping the occupied bedrooms at comfortable temperatures. During the day you can leave some rooms cooled for pets or have everything turned off until just before you come home in the rooms that you’ll be using.

Compared to a typical forced-air system, with one thermostat to rule the house, this level of individual control combined with the extreme efficiencies of ductless heat pumps can add up to huge savings on your heating and cooling costs. The system could even pay for itself in savings over the lifetime of the equipment.

If all this sounds good to you and you would like to discuss your options in multizone HVAC systems, give us at Philadelphia Gas & Electric a call today!

What Is Two-stage Heating?

ThermostatSingle stage heating is common in areas experiencing humid, hot and extreme cold. Because air conditioning will only be necessary during specific months, HVAC systems may have to work harder even when not needed. To solve this issue, a two-stage heating system was born to save energy and money as well as increase efficiency and comfort. Basically, a two-stage heating system utilizes two methods of heat output to provide desirable room temperatures during extreme and mild cold.

How it Works

Unlike the single-stage heating method, two-stage heating operates in two stages that is, high and low. The first heating stages works mostly when temperature requirements are lower. For instance, in the morning or during winter, the systems works at the high stage to provide extra heat. When temperatures are average or the home heat requirements have been attained, the system switches to lower heat mode. At this stage, less energy is consumed as the system is not running at full capacity-about 65%. When shifting between these two temperature outputs, a smooth transition occurs.

Advantages of Two-stage Heating

As opposed to the single or standard heating method, two-stage heating gives continuous comfort by eliminating temperature swings to about 1 degree of the thermostat setting. Two stage heating starts slowly when less heat is needed then shifts smoothly to the next stage when higher heat requirements are required. In essence, the system does not operate at full capacity. Because the system operates at lower speeds, more dust and dirt particles are trapped therefore improving the quality of air. In addition, it operates at lower capacity than normal therefore consuming less energy hence increasing efficiency.

Choosing Two-stage Heating for Your Home

When selecting a furnace for your HVAC system, be sure to consider the amount of time you will spend with your family at home and the amount of money that you are willing to spend on a new heating system. If you want comfort, be sure to spend on a two-stage heating system as you stand to save money.

For these reasons, follow us for more articles that will keep your heating and cooling systems running efficiently.