What Size Air Conditioner Do I Need for My Home?

When it comes to air conditioners, one size doesn’t fit all, and bigger isn’t always better. The size air conditioner you choose will depend upon a number of factors, including the size of your living space and the age of your home.

How to Determine the Size Air Conditioner You Need

An HVAC technician can help you figure out what size air conditioner you need for your home. He or she will perform an inspection and ask you questions to help determine your home’s needs. Some of the factors to be considered are:

  • The size of your home’s living space, in total volume.
  • The area of exterior walls that are exposed to the sun.
  • How many windows you have, how old they are, their condition and how they’re oriented in relation to the sun.
  • When your home was built.
  • The amount and quality of the home’s insulation.
  • The existing ductwork and ventilation system.
  • How much shade the house gets from trees and shrubs.

Any good HVAC contractor will perform this very necessary inspection before installing a new heating and cooling system.

Why Installing the Right Size Air Conditioner Is Important

Once air conditioners are installed, they usually last for over a decade. Unfortunately, many homeowners purchase the wrong size air conditioner, either because the HVAC company didn’t provide a consultation to determine the correct size, or because the homeowner wasn’t aware of just how important size is. Units that are too big shut on and off too quickly, and units that are too small never reach the desired temperature. If the wrong air conditioner is installed, the system will encounter a variety of problems that affect the consumer in the following ways:

  • Wear and tear—If a unit has to shut on and off frequently, or has to run continuously, you’ll find that it will need repair much too early, and way too frequently. The parts will be under undue stress, which can cause various complications to the system.
  • Decreased energy efficiency—If a unit isn’t cycling properly, it’ll use energy much less efficiently. For instance, if a system is never able to shut off, it will be exerting energy continually that will then show up on your utility bill.
  • Discomfort—A system that isn’t the proper size won’t heat your home very well, and it will cause the air inside your home to never reach its optimal temperature. This can create discomfort for you or anyone else inside the home.

When it’s time to choose a new air conditioner, make sure you contact your HVAC company for a consultation. The company’s thorough inspection can give you the information you need to confidently purchase a system that is just the right size.


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Why your Furnace isn’t Working

Ever wonder why your house doesn’t get warm enough for you? Does your Furnace make a weird sound when its running? We have the 5 most common reasons why your HVAC systems shuts down or don’t work properly.

The Dangers of Replacing an Outdoor Unit on an Older Air Conditioning System to Save Money

When it’s time to replace the outdoor unit on your air conditioning system, you may be tempted to save money by replacing just this unit. However, the indoor and outdoor units work together, and replacing one without replacing the other can be detrimental to your system and end up costing you more money.


How Air Conditioners Work

Air conditioners work by removing heat from inside the home. Refrigerant flows through copper tubing as it makes its way through the system. When the refrigerant reaches the indoor evaporator coil, it absorbs heat and transfers the heat to the outdoor unit. The compressor squeezes the liquid refrigerant at the condenser, and the absorbed heat is then released outside. All these actions are performed simultaneously, and they continue until the home is sufficiently cooled.


The Importance of Matching Components

While it’s initially cheaper to replace just the outdoor unit, you will encounter problems with your system much more quickly. The system won’t run as smoothly and will wear down more quickly, both of which will cost additional money to fix.

It’s hard to match new and old evaporator and condenser coils for the following reasons:

  • Newer coils are more efficient than older ones. When the old and new coils are matched, it places undue pressure on the system. The system won’t be as capable of sufficiently cooling the air, which leads to higher energy consumption. It can also cause certain parts like the motor to fail.
  • Air handler/evaporator units now have new technologies that help them achieve higher SEER ratings (season energy efficiency ratio). When these units are matched with older condenser coils, they can’t reach their expected SEER.
  • Coils manufactured today have grooved surfaces, increased surface space, efficiently designed fins and enhanced tubing, all of which increase performance levels. Older coils can’t keep up with these features, so they aren’t compatible with the new coils.
  • New units have thermal expansion valves that have better control of the refrigerant and thus boost performance. The units have a hard shut-off that helps the TXV operate well. The shut-off valve is harmful to older compressors, because it limits the refrigerant’s movement to the compressor.


Industry Testing

Tests have been performed my manufacturers that were judged against industry standards set forth by the American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers. These tests have determined what can go wrong when components are mismatched. The negative results included a significantly lower operational efficiency, a lower cooling capacity and an undependable HVAC system.

Instead of replacing just the outdoor unit on your older air conditioning system, replace the entire system. This will save you money, as your air conditioner will properly heat and cool your home.

Home Energy Saving Tips

Home Energy Saving Tips

Saving Energy in our home and office can save so much money each year. Give us a call and let us come to you and show you everything you can do to put money back into your pockets. We service Horsham, Abington and Willow Grove, call us and we’ll answer all the question you have.

Tips For Controlling HVAC Costs You Didn’t Know About

Did you know you could avoid unnecessary energy expenses by controlling HVAC costs? Here are four ways to do that, which your local technician may have not told you about.

Have more Control on Outside Air

By controlling the amount of air coming into the HVAC from outside, you can reduce the cooling by a great margin. Some rooms have better air circulation but those with less air quality and control are then ones to focus on. If the HVAC has a VAV control point, you should capitalize on it to reduce the cool loads. Alternatively, just reduce the air flow to the lowest point it can go, and you will be surprised at how much energy savings you get from that.

Source Fresh Cold Air than Recycling

Instead of recycling the existing air inside, why not source more outside air and win some free cooling? Most modern day HVAC systems are designed with an economizing cycle mechanism that detects the coolest of air and direct this into the room. In most cases, outside air is colder and thus the HVAC system will use less energy in cooling an entire room.

Don’t Over Condition Air

Additionally, avoid over conditioning air coming from the outside as this will overwork your HVAC system as well. Keep track of HVAC humidity settings ensuring the calibrations are lower during cold winters and way higher during hot summers. If you are just testing the HVAC, say for a day, you can switch off the humidification. You may be surprised that nobody notices anything.

Replace Your Thermostats

Conventional thermostats work fine but they don’t go the extra mile like the programmable units. This new digital thermostats give you more control over your HVAC system allowing you to set standard temperature either at home or at the office. Setting wider temperature variations, promotes less energy use on your cooling or heating device.

It’s possible to earn energy savings while still enjoying your heating and cooling systems just by making these four changes. Follow our blog today for tips on controlling HVAC costs whilst your HVAC runs efficiently.

What It Means To Be A Bryant Factory Authorized Dealer

The Bryant Factory authorized dealers award is given to a select group of dealers who’ve met some rigorous performance standards. This exclusive clique is comprised of less than 5% of HVAC contractors nationwide. Such dealers adhere to high customer care standards and provide leadership in the sector. The award also allows them to display the Medal of Excellence logo.


What one Can Expect From a Bryant Factory Authorized Dealer

The dealers provide total client satisfaction guarantee for a wide array of services ranging from furnace installation to air conditioning repair. Their technicians are also certified by NATE (North American Technician Excellence). This means they receive regular training to acquaint themselves with top-notch HVAC practices. The client can expect factory authorized parts as well as extended guarantees and warranties for all equipment. A range of financing options for customers with approved credit is also available. The dealers are also licensed, bonded and insured to provide coverage for client safety.

100% Client Satisfaction Guarantee

The 100% satisfaction guarantee applies to the products, installation and service from the dealer. If one has any complaint, the dealer will do their best to come up with a solution for the issue. The contractor also discloses all costs in their proposal, thus making the process transparent for the clients.

What Winning the Award Involves

Becoming an authorized dealer takes a lot of work. The contractor needs to adhere to the established level of quality while meeting their clients’ needs for installation and service of HVAC equipment. The dealer must also take their sales reps through a structured training program to help them know how to identify and recommend ideal solutions for their clients. EPA certification for handle warranty, prompt attendance to claims, refrigerant handling and local licensing are also mandatory. They must also possess the appropriate liability and insurance coverage.

The Bryant factory authorized program is designed with client’s needs in mind. If one is considering purchasing HVAC equipment, they can rest assured they’ll get the best solution if they opt for such a dealer. The 100% satisfaction guarantee is a demonstration to the commitment to the high level of service by such dealers. Follow us for more articles that your HVAC systems running comfortable and efficiently.