Furnace Warning Signs That Require A Professional HVAC Technician

Have you been wondering if you need to replace your heating system or if repairs will be sufficient, at least for now? It can be a difficult decision to choose between investing in a new furnace and simply paying for repairs to keep your furnace working. Eventually, any furnace will need to be replaced, but a few furnace warning signs can help you determine if your furnace is functioning properly or needs attention.

Are you having trouble keeping your home warm and comfortable? If you notice your furnace clicking on and off a lot, but your home never seems to be warm, you might have a broken thermostat. This is a fairly common problem and the repeated on and off of your furnace could indicate your thermostat needs to be replaced.

While there are many problems that require professional repairs, making sure your furnace is functioning properly is also essential for safe operation. For example, when the oxygen and gas ratios aren’t set properly, you not only get poor efficiency, but you could also have a potentially dangerous situation. Simple furnace warning signs, like a yellow flame instead of a solid blue flame can indicate that it’s time for professional HVAC service.

One problem that many people never even consider is if there is an obstructed airflow. Whether you have something in your ducts that is obstructing the airflow or you have placed a sofa or other piece of furniture in front of a vent, anything that obstructs the ability of your furnace to get adequate air flow will result in poor heating performance as well as reduced efficiency.

Most heating contractors recommend a furnace inspection before the cold weather sets in. Not only will a pre-season inspection of your furnace help ensure your heating system will be ready when you need it, but it’s also an excellent way to make sure your system is functioning at its peak of efficiency. An energy efficient furnace will definitely be a major factor in reducing expensive heating bills.

When you need any type of heating or furnace service, contact a local HVAC contractor for exceptional service.