Tips For Building A Summer Energy Savings Plan

The costs of the energy needed to run air conditioning systems in homes raises the costs of home electric bills in the summer months by a significant amount. It is worthwhile for all homeowners to develop a Summer Energy Savings Plan tailored to the specific needs of his or her home and family. The ideas and tips that will work for a new home with ENERGY STAR° appliances may be far too few and simple to save money for an older home with old vents and windows with air leaks.

Energy Savings tips and ideas for older homes or well-maintained homes that have an older air conditioning system may include specific repairs and maintenance checks. Among these are items such as:

• Caulking all windows.
• Caulking all attic or basement/crawlspace wall opening or cracks where air can enter.
• Weather stripping on all outside doors.
• Replacing or repairing torn mesh screens on windows. They work as solar barriers.
• When it is time to replace the roof, do so with reflective shingles.
• Plant trees on the side of the house that receives the most sun to provide a shade barrier.
• Insulate your walls with injected foam insulation.
• Install R-30 rated attic insulation and seal all attic air leaks.
• Install shades, blinds and/or draperies on your windows.
• Paint walls lighter colors to reflect heat.

These are all long-lasting changes that provide energy savings over and over again once completed. There are dozens of daily behavior changes that conserve energy around the house that are implemented in the way you use your household appliances.

• Do all your laundry at the same time.
• Once the dryer has done one load, it heats faster the next time.
• Wash all clothes in cold water.
• Only wash full loads.
• Clean the lint screen on the dryer after each load.
• Make sure the dryer is vented to the outside of the house.
• Line dry the clothes if you can.
• Cook more in the microwave or on a grill in the summertime.
• While cooking in the oven, do not open the door. You lose 25 percent of the heat.
• Only run the dishwasher when it has a full load.
• Turn it off after the wash cycle and let the dishes air dry instead of using the heat cycle.

All of these efforts add up to make a noticeable difference in your energy bill over the summer. Call also to discover how energy efficient HVAC system replacement can also save in home energy costs for you this summer. HVAC Energy Savings Home Energy Savings are worth working to achieve.