Several Reasons To Consider Changing The Air Filter In Your Home

With the cold weather still heavy upon us, many homeowners may experience certain difficulties with their HVAC systems. One of the most important responsibilities of taking care of the system is to regularly inspect the filter. Changing the air filter inside of the system can help you prepare for the winter by optimizing the efficiency of the system itself. Many professionals recommend for homeowners to change their filters every month, especially during summer and winter months, when the unit will be working its hardest in order to make sure that it provides the services that your home needs. If monthly check ups may be difficult to perform, then checking every three months is highly recommended instead. No matter when these routine inspections occur, it is crucial for individuals to engage in them in order to make sure that their system continues to operate as it should.

If you regularly check your air filter’s condition, no matter what different types of filters the HVAC system makes use of, you will be able to extend the life of the unit overall. Among the most common reasons for these systems breaking down is the presence of a dirty filter. As more and more dirt and debris begins to accumulate in the system, air has a harder time passing through it. When this happens, the system is at risk of overheating, which can put serious strain on the internal motors and circuits that keep the unit operational.

As more and more strain is put on the unit, it has to work harder in order to keep up with its duties. By keeping the air filter clean and regularly replaced, you will be able to not only help the system live longer, but also keep down energy costs for yourself. When the system works harder, more energy needs to be used in order to heat or cool your home effectively. A clogged air filter can increase your overall utilities bill while damaging the function of the device itself.

Additionally, if you change your unit’s air filter, you will be able to better maintain the healthy air quality in your home. This is a particularly important part of the maintenance process, especially if you live with someone who suffers from allergies or asthma symptoms. Filters that are dirty will recirculate contaminants and particles back into the air, which can worsen some symptoms. Regularly checking your filter, and speaking with a professional roughly every year to inspect the system as a whole, can help you maintain better air quality inside your home.