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What Does NATE Certified Mean And How Can It Protect My Equipment?

Many times, people need a HVAC technician for installation or repairs of their HVAC equipment, but they are not sure how to choose one that will be able to provide the best results. When you look for HVAC contractors, some advertise that they have NATE certified technicians; however, if you’re asking — what is NATE

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Tips For Building A Summer Energy Savings Plan

The costs of the energy needed to run air conditioning systems in homes raises the costs of home electric bills in the summer months by a significant amount. It is worthwhile for all homeowners to develop a Summer Energy Savings Plan tailored to the specific needs of his or her home and family. The ideas

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Troubleshooting Your Air Conditioning Unit When It Is Not Working

When your central air conditioning system stops working, you may wonder about the source of the problem. There are any number of reasons that your air conditioner is not working, and performing basic troubleshooting will get you to the root of the problem so you can get it fixed quickly. The Air Conditioner Won’t Come

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Several Reasons To Consider Changing The Air Filter In Your Home

With the cold weather still heavy upon us, many homeowners may experience certain difficulties with their HVAC systems. One of the most important responsibilities of taking care of the system is to regularly inspect the filter. Changing the air filter inside of the system can help you prepare for the winter by optimizing the efficiency

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The Furnace Inspection – Get Ready For Winter

Cold February winds challenge the heating efficiency of any heating system and prompt a question: Will your heating system make it through the winter? Although late summer and early fall are the ideal time to get the gas furnace ready for winter, it is still not too late to have your heating equipment serviced. The

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Governors Promote Their State’s Energy Efficiency

The United States is finally joining forces to become a more energy efficient nation. Today, all 50 governors are all working to increase energy efficiency in their state. In has been determined that excessive energy costs have delayed essential spending that would have generated advancement in multiple industries. States would have grown exponentially by the

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How To Save Money Heating Your Home This Winter

Winter is a season for celebration, except for when you have to pay your utility bills. If you are like most renters or homeowners, colder weather is usually accompanied by significantly higher costs. If you want to reduce your winter heating bills, you might want to consider trying a few of the basic tips below.

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Climate Change Disrupts Classrooms Across The Midwest

For teachers, getting a classroom of simultaneously hyperactive and drowsy children to remain alert and interested is a monumental task on an average day. Keeping them attentive while sweating indoors without air-conditioning is a feat that’s virtually impossible for the best teachers and even the most prodigal students. That’s why schools across the midwest are