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Purchasing A Heat Pump Versus A Furnace For Your Home

Deciding between a heat pump and a furnace for your home’s heating needs can be complicated. There are several factors you should consider before making a decision. First consider your needs. Then consider the costs of the unit and energy prices, the unit’s efficiency and the unit’s safety. You will also need an air conditioner

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How To Replace A Water Heater

Determining when to replace a water heater is a fairly straightforward process, and a few preliminary checks can help you determine if your heater requires total replacement or merely some minor repairs. Water heaters can in two different types, and the process of troubleshooting each one is somewhat different. Gas vs. Electric Heaters The type

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Determination Of The Qualification Of A Technician

HVAC is an important technology for any home. It is responsible for the normal lives in places where extreme temperatures are a norm. This technology has developed over time and is very complicated as it stands today. This necessitates the employment of qualified technicians to do the job perfectly. The level of experience The greater

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Exciting Heating And Cooling Technology Trends

With the construction industry gradually undergoing an overhaul, related sectors are bound to feel the effect. The heating and cooling technology sector, in particular, is expected to see new trends in the forthcoming years, both in new tech and sector growth. Smarter Systems Technological upgrade is an ongoing trend in the repair and construction sector,

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Why Homeowners Choose NATE Certified Technicians

Most homeowners put a great deal of effort and time into choosing the most efficient heating and cooling systems for their home; unfortunately, they neglect to choose the best HVAC technician to install and service their equipment. HVAC equipment can be very expensive, and finding a technician with the training and experience needed to offer

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The Annual Furnace Exam: Why It’s So Important?

The annual furnace maintenance program is one of the most important ways of ensuring that the furnace in your home is working properly. Surprisingly, some homeowners do not actually know why this program is important. The only way to improve efficiency of your furnace is to inspect it regularly and fix any problem that arises.

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Furnace Warning Signs That Require A Professional HVAC Technician

Have you been wondering if you need to replace your heating system or if repairs will be sufficient, at least for now? It can be a difficult decision to choose between investing in a new furnace and simply paying for repairs to keep your furnace working. Eventually, any furnace will need to be replaced, but

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The New Face Of PGE Heating And Air Conditioning Website

A home should be a place of comfort after a long day outside while a website should be a source of information after long fruitless hours of searching. It is for that reason that we have decided to expand our website and add more features to suit the varying demands of our clients as far

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Are Changes In HVAC Efficiency Standards Going To Change Soon?

Many people have heard about the proposed changes in the HVAC efficiency standards that the Department of Energy had worked to establish back in 2009. Unfortunately, while higher HVAC efficiency is something that many people want, the expected raise in AFUE from 78 to 90 required far more than many people were able to handle