Why Homeowners Choose NATE Certified Technicians

Most homeowners put a great deal of effort and time into choosing the most efficient heating and cooling systems for their home; unfortunately, they neglect to choose the best HVAC technician to install and service their equipment. HVAC equipment can be very expensive, and finding a technician with the training and experience needed to offer the best comfort solutions is essential. Homeowners who are looking for the best HVAC installation, repair and maintenance services should always go for NATE certified technicians.

What is NATE?
The North American Technician Excellence, NATE, is an independent body that certifies technicians with a knowledge–based test. Technicians who decide to take their training a bit further and become NATE certified must sit for and pass tests that cover a wide range of heating and cooling issues. Established in 1997, NATE is the largest not–for–profit certification body for HVACR technicians. In addition, it is the only certification body for technician owned, governed, developed, operated and supported by the heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration industry.

Candidates who pass the certification tests can earn a service, installation, or senior certification in various specialty areas. The technical committee consisting of industry players develops and oversees the knowledge areas of technical expertise. These industry players include educators, contractors, utilities, and manufacturers. Specialties areas include:
• Air distribution
• Air conditioning
• Oil heating
• Gas heating
• Heat pumps
• Hydraulic oil
• Hydraulic gas
• Commercial refrigeration
• Light commercial refrigeration
• Senior HVAC efficiency analyst

NATE certified technicians are skilled tradesmen who play the important role of installing, servicing and repairing HVAC systems in commercial and residential properties. They are able to study blueprints and engage an assortment of specialized and common tools, such as current meters, flow sensors and metal cutters. When servicing an HVAC unit, such technicians ensures that all components, including fans, thermostats, switches, pumps, motors, and compressors are working right, and that all controls are within their recommended settings.

Regardless of the area of specialization, NATE certified technicians always deliver quality results. In addition to offering fast and efficient installation, repair and maintenance services, NATE certified technicians ensure that clients get the best customer service and energy efficiency. Give us a call today and get the best heating and cooling solutions.

What Does NATE Certified Mean And How Can It Protect My Equipment?

Many times, people need a HVAC technician for installation or repairs of their HVAC equipment, but they are not sure how to choose one that will be able to provide the best results. When you look for HVAC contractors, some advertise that they have NATE certified technicians; however, if you’re asking — what is NATE certification? It’s time to learn about this important part of training and testing that can help HVAC technicians achieve a higher level of expertise.

There are a variety of different areas that a HVAC technician can specialize in; however, when they choose one of these areas, they will not only be required to pass an exam on the area of specialty they have chosen, but they will also be tested on core elements of the HVAC field. A trained HVAC technician needs a wide base of knowledge if they are going to be able to deliver the very best results.

Regardless of what type of HVAC equipment you have, a NATE certified technician offers the expertise and training to get the job done. They offer professionalism and advanced training that will ensure your HVAC problem is diagnosed quickly and that repairs and service are performed to the highest level. NATE certified technicians take pride in their ability to offer more to their customers. These are experienced technicians who have taken it upon themselves to upgrade their skills and achieve a level of industry respect that is not available with just any licensed technician.

NATE certified technicians realize that some homeowners might ask — what does NATE certified mean? But, they are ready to demonstrate their commitment to the HVAC industry as well as explain what is involved in acquiring this type of certification. For homeowners, understanding the commitment and education of HVAC technicians who undertake NATE certification is an excellent way to realize why they offer the best heating and cooling services in the business.

Homeowners should also consider the importance of an annual air conditioner maintenance inspection. When you schedule AC maintenance, you not only protect your HVAC equipment, but you also get more efficient service and will be able to take comfort that your air conditioner is ready to keep cooling throughout another hot summer. Be sure to call your HVAC professional today and schedule your air conditioner maintenance.