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PGE Comfort -- Multizone -- 06-02-16

Money-Saving Multizone HVAC Systems

Central air has been a huge improvement in comfort over how we used to do things. No longer do we all huddle around the fireplace, wood stove, or coal-burning stove for warmth. We can heat and cool our homes efficiently, much more safely, and with out all the labor of chopping wood or shoveling coal.

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Heat Pumps Explained

Heat pumps operate in a way that might sound counter intuitive at first, but can be easily understood through a couple analogies. What is a Heat Pump A heat pump’s job is to take heat from one area and move it to another area. In this case, it’s going to be taking heat from a

PGE Comfort History of AC

The History of Air Conditioning: How Our Ancestors Stayed Cool

We’ve all experienced the hot and humid conditions warm weather can bring with it. Without air conditioning, it’s uncomfortable in the least, and it can pose a health danger in the worst of cases. The struggle to remain cool has been ongoing for centuries. Our ancestors found the heat as irksome as we do in

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What Size Air Conditioner Do I Need for My Home?

When it comes to air conditioners, one size doesn’t fit all, and bigger isn’t always better. The size air conditioner you choose will depend upon a number of factors, including the size of your living space and the age of your home. How to Determine the Size Air Conditioner You Need An HVAC technician can

Hvac problems

Why your Furnace isn’t Working

Ever wonder why your house doesn’t get warm enough for you? Does your Furnace make a weird sound when its running? We have the 5 most common reasons why your HVAC systems shuts down or don’t work properly.

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8 Pitfalls to Avoid When Buying a New AC or Furnace

When it’s time to replace your air conditioner or furnace, you may feel overwhelmed by all the choices available to you. By avoiding the following pitfalls, you can make a wise decision that will be worth the expense. 1. Going For the Lowest Price Most often, a higher efficiency model can save you more money

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The Dangers of Replacing an Outdoor Unit on an Older Air Conditioning System to Save Money

When it’s time to replace the outdoor unit on your air conditioning system, you may be tempted to save money by replacing just this unit. However, the indoor and outdoor units work together, and replacing one without replacing the other can be detrimental to your system and end up costing you more money.   How

Home Energy Saving Tips

Saving Energy in our home and office can save so much money each year. Give us a call and let us come to you and show you everything you can do to put money back into your pockets. We service Horsham, Abington and Willow Grove, call us and we’ll answer all the question you have.

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Tips For Controlling HVAC Costs You Didn’t Know About

Did you know you could avoid unnecessary energy expenses by controlling HVAC costs? Here are four ways to do that, which your local technician may have not told you about. Have more Control on Outside Air By controlling the amount of air coming into the HVAC from outside, you can reduce the cooling by a